Textfeld: The world peace project
Textfeld: W e l c o m e

The picture was taken in the UN headquaters New York and symbolises the United Nations. It has been a gift from US for UN

Textfeld: The world peace project intends to clear up the different positions in a conflict. The each other of the conflict-parties should be brought up to feature and give respect to the oposite position.
This might be mostly on internet, but in case of regional, national or international conflicts, on newspapers, too. We appeal to all newspapers to open one monthly page for peace, where they print the each other features of the conflict parties. The owners and publishers of the newspapers should be the operators of the peace project and  should invite the proponents to consider their positions. If there is anyone who rejects this process, it should be announced on the peace page, too.

I proclamate all individuals of good will, all representatives, all unions, societies, associations to support this ieda of peacemaking. For a better future, for a better world.

											Franz Gratz
											founder of The-world-peace-project

P.S.:  We use the English language. Subsequently, 
should each be addressed in their native language.

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